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jesse is sick

so jesse is gunna talk in third person and ignore the internet until he can get out of bed again
any tips on being able to breath again is appreciated tho. so far i am living off of:
-gargling salt water
- honey tea
- honey cough drops
- hot showers
- dimetapp
- ice cubes

annoyingly enough everything only helps for a minute or so and i cannot afford to buy anything that isnt around the house 

i forgot that i used to use my drafts as a photobucket and found this doodle of a kangaroo dude i made a million months ago
Are there any risks/downsides to having a smiley?

its very prone to rejection because there isn’t a lot of tissue for the jewelry to stay in your frenulum. like other oral piercings, it can also cause some gum/tooth damage.

you might only have it for a few months to a year before it might just ‘fall out’ but its a cute piercing piercing and draws a lot of attention to your smile. even if it does reject/migrate out, you probably won’t notice it was ever there.

just got back from my first real date in over 5 years with a wonderful 6ft+ ginger viking who is hilarious and totally into me

am i dreaming?? 

someone has been trying to harass me and it gave me such a laugh that i felt the need to draw him a self portrait because i am a mature adult 

zenophrenic said: my friend told me about this shit and even just hearing about it like what the fuck

ASIDE FROM THE WHOLE SUPERHUMAN FETUS THING that i didnt find it bad - but hilarious.. i actually really enjoyed it! especially the sorceress. i dont want to spoil it but i enjoyed her story and i always appreciate villians with a backstory instead of that they are just evil because theyre EVIL

so im watching this animated movie and im less than a minute in a fetus told him mother to bring him into the world, so his mom told him to come out and so this premie just waltz on out 

im pretty sure this is based off a story/folkore but i havent looked it up yet but i figured if anyone else wants to watch this it looks pretty interesting

NSFW due to nudity but its all natural yo